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2017 Steadicam Reel
Into the Dark: The Current Occupant
B Camera Operator
Director: Julius Ramsey    DP: Cory Geryak 
Into the Dark: Pooka 2: Pooka Lives
B Camera/Steadicam Operator
Director: Alejandro Brugues    DP: Ana M. Amortegui 
Starlight - Never Truly Vanish (from Amazon's The Boys)
Steadicam Operator
Director: Cliqua    DP: Nick Bupp
Kane Brown ft. Blackbear - Memory
B Camera/Steadicam Operator
Director: Alex Alvga    DP: Nick Bupp
The Bachelorette Season 16 Promo
A Camera/Steadicam Operator
Director: Krista Liney    DP: Oscar Chaves
Craftsman Tools - Four Fathers
A Camera Operator
Director: James Kessel    DP: Clay Westervelt
21 Savage - Spiral (from the soundtrack off SAW's Spiral)
Steadicam Operator
Director: Mike Ho    DP: Joshua Reis
Asher Angel ft. Wiz Khalifa - One Thought Away
Steadicam Operator
Director: Nayip Ramos    DP: Mario Contini
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